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Compression Springs

Australian made compression springs

Marsh Alliance are industry leading specialists in the fabrication of custom designed  commercial and industrial compression springs. We can meet your specific requirements for wire diameter, outside spring diameter, overall length, rate, maximum load, solid height and coil count.

We offer spring wire diameters from 0.25mm to 16mm and have material selections to suit your application needs including hard-drawn, galvanised steel, 304 and 316 grade stainless-steel and oil-tempered materials. Depending on your needs we can create a single prototype, supply a once-off production run or fabricate batches in the millions. 

Our 7,000 sqm production facility houses over 300 specialised machines. We use a cold coiled production method with stress relieving and strengthening processes undertaken in house in order to deliver consistent results.

Clients from a broad range of industries and markets rely on Marsh Alliance for their custom made compression springs. Over the years, we have fabricated millions of compression springs for use in cylinders, valves, seat suspension systems, pens, pump and injection systems and everything in between.

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A little bit about compression springs

The fundamental role of a compression spring is to generate force opposing its compression, that offers resistance and support to diverse mechanical applications. To conserve space in the spring’s design, the bar is wound into a helical shape, allowing axial loading. Consequently, the coils that experience deflection during usage are subjected to torsional stress. The development of compression springs has been a subject of extensive research, representing about half of all springs manufactured today.

In comparison to torsion or extension springs, compression springs are better-suited for applications that require high load-bearing capacity or there is a need to simplify the assembly process. Additionally, compression springs offer more predictable behavior than torsion springs, which can exhibit nonlinear responses. Their linear compression and extension characteristics make them easier to design and analyze, ensuring more stable and consistent performance in various applications.

Not sure if a custom designed compression spring is right for your project? Talk to Marsh Alliance today for advice.

Why choose Marsh Alliance?

Marsh Alliance has been Australia’s largest spring manufacturer for a number of

years and has expanded to offer a wide range of other products. Many of our 100+ employees are long serving team members, some with up to 40 years of service making springs with us! That deep manufacturing knowledge is backed up by the latest state-of-the-art CNC equipment complementing hand coiled methods.

We are relied upon by some of Australia’s biggest names in manufacturing as an integral part of their supply chain. By choosing us, you’ll benefit from short lead times, enabling you to meet your project deadlines or operational needs with ease. As a local company, we understand the unique requirements of the Australian market and comply with rigorous industry standards. Additionally, our dedicated customer support team is always available to address your queries, offer technical guidance, and provide personalised assistance at every stage of the process.

In addition to shipping around Australia, we can also deliver to New Zealand, the Americas, Asia and Europe.

If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call on 07 3271 3500.