Revving Towards a Green Future

23 Aug, 2023

Marsh Charges Ahead with EVs and Solar-Powered Initiatives

Marsh Alliance has taken its first step in electrifying their fleet of business vehicles with the arrival of its first two Tesla Model 3s.

As an Australian metal products manufacturer, Marsh takes its carbon footprint reduction obligations seriously and after recently upgrading its rooftop solar farm to a 300kW system, the 70 year old business is implementing further green energy initiatives.

“The cost of our electricity consumption has risen by over 40% in the past two years” said Marsh CEO Adam Forrester. “We expanded our rooftop solar farm to help offset these cost increases, further reduce our carbon emissions and ultimately sustain competitive prices for our customers” elaborated Forrester.

There is now a natural evolution to convert its fleet of dual cab diesel utes to lower carbon emitting EVs, which also offer the business lower life of asset operating costs in running these vehicles. In the coming weeks Marsh will also be installing two fast charging stations at its Carole Park factory, powered by their green energy solar farm.

Forrester is a passionate technophile and is keen to encourage other businesses to consider the benefits of running EVs. “Over their expected asset life, EVs don’t just present a greener option, with attractive govt incentives they offer lower operating costs than standard internal combustion engine vehicles”. Said Forrester

Marsh plans to replace the rest of its fleet of utes with EVs over the next two years

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